Super Sustainable! Organic Soy Knits

Super Soy Knits

These Organic Soy Knits from Pickering check all the boxes.

If you haven’t yet tried sewing with knits (and even if you have!), this line of Organic Soy Knits will blow your mind! We constantly keep this gorgeous fabric in stock, and it comes in a myriad of colors. It also doesn’t pill, the light weight is just right, and so is the stretch!

But best of all is the fact that these breathable knits are produced ethically. Made with labor practices that do not violate human rights and consist of sustainable, organic fibers. (47.5% soy, 47.5% organic cotton, 5% spandex jersey).

How a Bean becomes a Knit

The Spruce and Lilac colorways of this amazing soy knit.

Pickering International – manufacturer of this knit – is a member of Green America: a national nonprofit consumer organization that promotes sustainability, social justice, and economic justice. We were curious about how Pickering manages to sustainably use soy in making their fabrics, because soy production as a rule…isn’t the best.

After a little research, we discovered that the soy fiber in this knit is made from the soy “cakes” left behind in the oil extraction process. Proteins are extracted and then distilled and refined from this abundant byproduct that would otherwise go to waste.

Meanwhile, manufactures make the organic cotton component of this knit without the use of highly polluting agro-chemicals often used in conventional cotton production. Integrated soil and pest management practices, like crop rotation and the introduction of natural predators of cotton pests, replace the need for these pollutants. 

Sustainable Makes

Loganberry, Bay Blue and Ruby Red Organic Soy Knit!

It’s refreshing, and necessary, to see the use of byproducts in fabric manufacturing. And the fact that this process results in such beautiful, high-quality fabrics, that won’t break the bank, is really incredible.

A few garments we love to make out of this nice, stretchy knit are the True Bias Nova Jumpsuit, Grainline Lark Tee, and Closet Core Ebony Dress.

Kate also made a chic Cashmerette Appleton using the Loganberry and Bay Blue colorways of this soy knit, and it’s one of her favorite dresses!

Kate in her Soy Knit Appleton Dress!

If you haven’t yet sewn with knits – Soy or otherwise – we suggest Kate’s Learn How To Sew with Knits video. You’ll find all the information you need to make a garment out of this fabulously earth-friendly knit.

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