The Kaffe Layer Cake Snowball Quilt

The Pastel Floral Snowball quilt made from the Kaffe Layer Cake in Ocean!

We love Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Bright, quirky and unique, each one is a work of art. So when amazing local quilter Diane Haddon said she was interested in making a quilt using one of our Kaffe 10″ Layer Cakes, we were over the moon about it!

The Pattern

She settled on the Pastel Floral Snowball quilt, featured in Kaffe’s Quilts in Burano book, saying “Snowball blocks are a classic traditional design, and Kaffe Fassett fabrics definitely add to the
drama of this quilt!”

According to Diane, the large octagons really show off the fabrics (especially the large florals!), and the corner squares can be done in so many different ways.

“They can be solids, more floral fabrics, or black and white. I mixed a few semi-solid Shot Cottons (also designed by Kaffe) in Teal, Pistachio, and Camelia to add a playful contrast. They could also be used in alternate blocks for a different effect.”


We asked Diane what she though of this pattern, and her response? “I would definitely make it again!”

“It was easy, especially with the layer cake, which includes 2 squares each of 21 different fabrics (42 squares in total). The most fun was arranging the blocks so that they complimented one another rather than competed.” She chose to use a solid border (also out of the Pistachio Shot Cotton) to frame the quilt.


She pieced the back together using leftover Kaffe fabrics.

Diane’s backing choice for this quilt is just as Kaffe-licious as the front! She pieced together a few Fassett fabrics left over from other projects and the effect is really fun. What’s more, Diane did the long-arming herself, and the swoopy, almost floral, stitching design she chose, really ties the whole thing together.

Diane’s quilting up close.

“I had a fantastic time quilting it” Diane told us when she brought the completed quilt into the store. “But it would look awesome as a tied quilt as well!”

Make Your Own!

If you’re as inspired by Diane’s amazing quilt as we are, then you need a 10″ Kaffe Layer Cake of your own! We currently carry the Ocean, Neptune, and Mars colorways. The Mars cake features a primarily pink color scheme while Ocean and Neptune are mostly green and blue. (The prints in the Neptune cake are also a little newer.)

Thank you Diane! We can’t wait to see what you quilt next.

Diane and Maisie holding up the Pastel Floral Snowball Quilt.

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