We Quilt This City – A Subscriber’s Perspective

As you may know, in 2020 we launched a unique, subscription Swatch Experience designed to introduce you to new fabrics and patterns. There are two subscription options: one for garment-makers called {gar}Meant for You, and one for quilters called We Quilt This City!

A few of the large quilting projects from our previous We Quilt This City collections!

Every three months, subscribers to We Quilt This City receive a bundle of 5.5” quilting cotton squares, the instructions for a small & large quilting project, access to video tutorials, and, best of all, a 10% discount code! We send enough fabric in each seasonal bundle to complete that season’s small quilting project.

Because we built this Swatch Experience from the ground up, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve it. So we reached out to current subscriber, Leigh Golden, and asked if she wouldn’t mind providing a little first-hand feedback for any would-be subscribers out there. Here’s what she had to say!

Subscriber Q&A

Some of the small quilting projects from WQTC seasons past.

Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your sewing experiences?

A: I started sewing in 2019 after wanting to create something for myself and to solve life’s little problems such as finding the right size curtains for my house. I have made a good amount of accessories and bags, and recently got into quilting.


Q: How long have you subscribed to the We Quilt This City swatch experience?

A: I joined We Quilt this City in the winter of 2021 as a way to expand my knowledge and practice with quilting.

Winter 2021 Large Project, the Cuddle Up Lap Quilt!

Q: What convinced you to subscribe?

A: The projects seemed approachable without being committed to a quilt.

Some Sun-Kissed Coasters from the Summer 2022 collection!

Q: What do you think of our fabric choices?

A: I love the variety and exposure to different prints that I normally would not purchase on my own.

Q: Do you receive multiple bundles?

A: No.

(Note: subscribers can choose to receive 1, 2, or 3 of the same bundle each season! Leigh opts for just one.)

Q: What do you think of the small & large projects included with each collection? Do you have a favorite?

A: I have only done two projects and I think I love them both equally. Even though I have made a envelope pillow and zippered pouch before, I learned a lot from the tutorials.

Q: What do you think of Kate's quilting tutorials? What do you think could be improved?

A: The tutorials are incredibly helpful, but sometimes I feel like I wish I could see some of the details better on techniques I haven’t used before.

(Good note Leigh! We’ve stepped up our tutorial game, and are implementing this suggestion for the upcoming season.)

Q: Have you ever purchased the quilting cotton featured in this service?

A: I have not.

The Sunset Plaid Tote Bag from our Summer 2021 collection!

Q: Has this service grown your sewing skills at all? What's something specific you've learned?

A: I have become better at half-square triangles, I learned how to nest seams, and I love the tape trick for the zipper.

Q: Would you enjoy receiving this service as a gift?

A: Oh heck yes!


Q: Has this service encouraged you to connect with other quilters and further expand your sewing community?

A: I did purchase the service for my mother and sister-in-law as a way to connect over quilting since we live in 3 different states. I also enjoy seeing how other sewist projects have turned out on the Facebook group

Kate and Elizabeth planning the layout together.

Q: What is your favorite thing about We Quilt This City?

A:  The continued learning and opportunity to experiment through the projects.

The Split Rectangle Rainbow Quilt from our Summer 2022 collection!

What about this service do you think could be improved?

A: The only thing that comes to mind at the moment is being able to choose between two color pallets (warm or cool, etc), but I understand that might be a logistical burden.

Tell us what you think!

A sneak peek at the Fall 2022 large quilting project!

Thank you for your helpful feedback, Leigh! Your thoughtful notes and constructive criticism have already helped us devise new ways to make this service better!

If you’re current a subscriber and interested in lending some feedback regarding our Swatch Experiences, please send us an email at info@theconfidentstitch.com .

If you’re not yet a subscriber but would like to be, you can subscribe to the Swatch Experience that suits you best by clicking here! The Fall 2022 collection releases on August 24th. Subscribe before then to receive it!

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  1. Sharlene Andoe says:

    Thank you Kate for this update on the We Quilt this City Swatch Subscription. I enjoy getting the package in the mail such a surprise to see the fabric 5 inch charms for the upcoming season. Looking forward to the fall 2022 swatches to come in my mail soon!.

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