Sewcialist Union – A Club for All!

Long time, no sew!

If you’re a long-time Confident Stitcher then you know that we used to host a weekly ‘open sew’ club called Sewcialist Union.

Every Thursday evening folks were free to come use our classroom space and tools, and the instructor on-hand would offer assistance and answer questions as needed. It was a great way to make sewing and mending a little more accessible! But then 2020 happened, and you know the rest.

However, we’re thrilled to report that the hiatus is officially over! Starting September 8th, Sewcialist Union – led by the talented Anne Diemer – will take place every Thursday afternoon from 5:00 to 7:00 pm in the Confident Stitch classroom.

Meet the Instructor

If you’re a local sewer then there’s a good chance you’ve met our Sewcialist Union instructor, Anne Diemer, in her capacity as manager at Bob’s Sew & Vac Center. She is incredibly knowledgeable about sewing and sewing machines, and we’re thrilled to have her on board.

To help you get to know her a little better, we asked Anne a few questions about her history and experience with sewing. Here’s what she has to say!

A little about Anne

I’ve been a sewer since I could hold a needle. Mom wasn’t into it, and so was very happy to relinquish the sewing machine to me! Her Touch and Sew Singer and I weren’t friends, so, by age fourteen, I’d saved enough babysitting money to buy my own – a 50 lb White!

Back then (I’m old) if you didn’t sew you probably didn’t have many clothes. I made my own, my mom’s, and helped my sisters – one who’s also very good with a machine, and the other who’s a published poet. (She still hauls stuff down for me to alter or repair. Some things never change!)

I was a seamstress in Seattle for many years, then I switched to working with computers. But then the recession… I needed to keep busy and Quality Sewing was calling my name! I, like most sewers, thought I knew a lot about machines. Wrong. Sewing I know, machines, not so much. Quality trained us very well, and now I’m good with both.

While living in Seattle, I ran a group very similar to Sewcialist Union. Some folks came all of the time, some just when they were having trouble. I’m exited to head this new group, and to see how it grows and adapts as we go!

What to expect

Sewcialist Union is all about sewing, learning, and swapping ideas! It’s a free drop-in group (no registration necessary) and we encourage you to just bring whatever you’re working on and attend whenever you can.

If you do own a sewing kit and/or sewing machine, we encourage you to bring it with you to meetings, the goal is that you’ll become more comfortable with the sewing tools you already own!

If you don’t own a machine or tools, don’t worry! We have plenty in our classroom that you can borrow.

(Note: We suggest marking personal tools with your name to avoid any mix-ups!)

Our Basic Sewing Essentials Kit has everything you need to get started!

Sewcialist Union Guidelines

Sewcialism is about the equitable distribution of material resources among all people! Common ownership relies on the common care of said resources. This list of general rules will ensure that the provided materials and space are well taken care of and that all who attend will have a good time!

  1. Put tools back where they belong
    • Make sure to refer to the labels/markings on the pegboard when putting things away.
  2. Clean up your area
    • Please pick up any excess thread, fabric scraps, etc., and dispose of them in the available trash receptacles.
  3. Use tools only for their intended purpose
    • Do NOT cut paper with fabric scissors!
    • If you’re not sure how to correctly use a tool, please ask! We’d love to help you.
  4. Provide your own notions (we sell most of what you’ll need!)
    • We’re happy to provide tools, machines, and sewing space. However, if your project requires specific thread, interfacing, batting, fabric, etc. then we ask that you arrive before 6 pm and purchase it ahead of time.

Notes & Suggestions:

  • The storefront closes at 6 pm. If you plan on purchasing any materials, please arrive and do so before then.
  • If you own a sewing machine, we encourage you to bring it with you. We’d love to help you get better at using it.
  • If you frequently attend Sewcialist Union, consider investing in basic tools that you find yourself using often and bring them along! Scissors, seam ripper, rotary cutter etc.
  • We love offering Sewcialist Union as a free resource, but, if you have the means, there is a suggested donation of $5 when you attend. This money goes towards classroom upkeep. You can also support us by shopping in the store!

See you there!

Sewcialist Union will meet for the first time on Thursday, September 8th from 5 to 7 pm in The Confident Stitch classroom (located at 139 W Front St, Missoula MT, 59802), and will continue to take place weekly on Thursdays – same bat time, same bat place!


7 thoughts on “Sewcialist Union – A Club for All!

  1. Carole Steigerwalt says:

    Congratulations ANNE🌟. Down here in Hamilton we are trying to keep the sewers together with the Bitterroot Quilters Guild and the Sapphire Club. Glad to get your email.

  2. Susan West says:

    Anne is wonderful. I learn so much at these sessions. She’s knowledgeable, personal & kind. I’m sorry to be unable to attend every week (out of town) & would love a daytime session too.

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