The Paint Lake Quilt – a quick n’ easy project!

Paint with all the colors...and prints!

Simple and sophisticated, we love how quickly the Paint Lake Quilt comes together!

This pattern’s designer – The Blanket Statement – typically features only solid colors in their sample quilts, which look great! But we wanted to get a little more playful and incorporate some prints and basics too. The result is pure springtime – bright and whimsical!

Though our quilt features more than just solids, we still imitated the Blanket Statement’s color system, selecting a light, medium, and dark hue of 6 main colors for a total of 18 fabrics. (The 6 main colors we chose for our quilt were blue, orange, white, yellow, green, and purple). In the pattern instructions, each main color corresponds to a letter A through F. The hues within each color correspond to a number; 1,2, or 3. (See the example ‘Figure 1’ below.)


Because this throw-sized quilt is made up of fairly wide and long rectangles (which get longer and wider as you go up in quilt size), we think it’s actually great for showing off mid-sized prints!

Pattern Hack

Though Blanket Statement has great instructions – straightforward with lots of diagrams – we discovered a shortcut that not only saves time cutting and piecing, but helps to keep the prints we chose for our A blocks continuous! In this explanation I will refrain from using precise dimensions for the rectangles. Instead I will use the equation a x b, where ‘a’ equals width and ‘b’ equals length.

The instructions say to cut twelve a x b rectangles each from fabrics A1/A2/A3, and piece them in groups of three to make twelve blocks. Simple enough.

However, ten of the twelve A blocks are stacked in pairs and the quilt blocks are pieced in columns not rows. Because of this, we realized you could cut just two a x b rectangles, and five a x 2b – 1/2 rectangles (that are twice as long minus a 1/2″ to account for the removed seam allowance) from each A fabric. This simple change makes this quick pattern come together even more quickly!

Side Note

If you’re using prints make sure to think about directionality. When cutting out our quilt we were so focused on making our rectangles the correct size that we forgot to pay attention to our prints! So the patterns on the two a x b rectangles are going left to right, rather than up and down.

You can see the prints in our A blocks are going different directions. (Oops!) Luckily there’s so much going on in this quilt that you barely notice.

Nice n' easy does it

So there you have it!

The Paint Lake is a quick, easy quilt project that’s perfect for customization. Mix and match your own colors and prints, or check out our springy, throw-sized Paint Lake Quilt Kit! It includes the paper pattern and a fat quarter of each of the 18 fabrics. You can also opt to add-on backing, batting, and binding! Our binding selection was the Moonscape QC in Mauve. And for the backing we went full floral, choosing the Lupine and Phlox Poplin!

Happy quilting!

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