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The Ipswich Swimsuit Wrap-Up

Just in time for warm weather in Montana, I have completed my Ipswich Swimsuit from [Read More]

Ipswich Swimsuit Part 5: Finishing Up!

Last week I (almost) finished my Cashmerette Ipswich Swimsuit! The long-awaited underwire channeling arrived just [Read More]

Ipswich Swimsuit Part 4: Leg Openings and Straps

I’m back again with an Ipswich Swimsuit!  I feel as though my main contribution to [Read More]

Ipswich Swimsuit Part 3: Starting Construction

Welcome to Part 3 of my Ipswich Swimsuit adventure! Today on the blog I’ll show [Read More]

Ipswich Swimsuit Part 2: Making the Bra

After ordering the extra notions and cutting out 20 pieces of fabric and power mesh [Read More]

Ipswich Swimsuit Part 1: Gathering Materials

A few months ago, some gorgeous designer swim fabrics came across our radar, and because [Read More]

You CAN make the Cora Running Tights & Shorts!

As I was growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, my mom was very strict [Read More]


Decades of Style 1948 Siren Sundress

Though the Decades of Style pattern company has been around since 2005, we’ve just started [Read More]

Liesl & Co. Extra Sharp Pencil Skirt

I’ve always been a little loud. I was known in high school for my boisterous [Read More]


Reflections on Houston Quilt Market

Last weekend, Kate and I traveled to Houston for the amazing, colorful, and slightly overwhelming [Read More]