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Halloween and the Costume Conundrum

Halloween is back again, and, with it, the anxiety of finding a costume. If you’re [Read More]

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The Liesl & Co. Gelato Blouse

The Gelato Blouse pattern from Liesl & Company is as yummy as it’s namesake! Made [Read More]

A Spooky Merchant and Mills Rugby Dress

Halloween is fast approaching, and with it comes the “costume conundrum” at The Confident Stitch. [Read More]


Closet Core Pietra Shorts

A good pair of fashion-forward shorts can be hard to find. They need to be [Read More]


The Tania Coatigan: A Fetching Blazer Alternative

The Tania Coatigan is an open-front, relaxed-fit, casual, unlined blazer that can be worn as [Read More]