Why affiliate with us?

Signing up takes only a few minutes and is completely free. You’ll receive a unique tracking code for use on your website right away. Becoming a Share-A-Sale affiliate makes monetizing your blog easy.

The 10% commission adds up quickly, and it is deposited directly in your bank account by Share-A-Sale. We constantly update our banners to keep our ads (and your webpage) fresh.

About Share-A-Sale

Share-A-Sale is an affiliate marketing network. What does that mean? It means businesses and bloggers can work together to mutually promote and benefit each other! If you have a blog or website, you can earn a 10% commission every time someone buys our products after a referral from your site. It’s that easy! Sign up now.

How It Works

The Confident Stitch provides links and banners to help with promotions through Share-A-Sale. You add these links and banners to your site, through a promotional blog post or a simple sidebar ad. Cookie-based tracking software from Share-A-Sale allows for affiliates to be credited up to 90 days after the first click.

That means if someone clicks through to our site and doesn’t purchase something right away, you’ll still get credit if they make a purchase any time in the next three months.

Interested in becoming an affiliate?