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  • Tools for Foundation Paper Piecing

    Tools for Foundation Paper Piecing

    Happy 2018 everyone! I love to foundation paper piece (FPP) due to the precision I can get from this method of piecing. In this post, I'm going to show you the tools that I consistently use with this technique. These supplies are in addition to basic sewing supplies such as your sewing machine, iron, rotary cutter and mat, and so forth...

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  • The Confident Stitch is Having a Sale!

    The Confident Stitch is Having a Sale!

    Whether or not you made things for others during the holiday season, it's time to sew for yourself! To help you get in the mood, The Confident Stitch is having a sale on all garment fabrics. What's On Sale? ALL Garment Fabrics! If you want to cozy up to some wools, stretch out in some knits, or get ready for spring with voiles, linens and rayons, we have you covered. All garment fabrics will be 20% off from Tuesday, January 2 through Saturday, January 6, 2018! The sale prices are good both in-store and online.

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  • SoHo Coat: The Sewing Workshop

    SoHo Coat: The Sewing Workshop

    Here in Missoula, Montana, the snow keeps falling, sugaring everything in the perfect powder.  Some days, you get up and everything sparkles.  Some days, you wake up exhausted and still have to shovel the drive. On the days that feel grim, we wrap ourselves up in the SoHo coat from The Sewing Workshop and feel like the queen of winter...

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  • Lisa the Unicorn Pillow: Part 3

    Lisa the Unicorn Pillow: Part 3

    Hi everyone! Let's finish up a  unicorn pillow, just in the time for the holidays! After completing the unicorn block, follow the pattern directions to layer it with batting and backing before quilting. I decided to quilt my pillow front and back panel pieces at the same time. In the pillow front gray background and for the pillow backing, I did a free-motion swirly quilt pattern. In the unicorn body, I changed to a free-motion stippling pattern. Binding Technique for Back Panels Follow the directions to add binding to your 2 back panels. This binding adds a nice...

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  • Sewing with Double-Faced Wool Knits

    Sewing with Double-Faced Wool Knits

    Wool Knits: Tips and Tricks! We recently started stocking the most amazing double-faced wool knits. All of us here at The Confident Stitch started planning (and making!) Sew House 7 Toaster Sweaters, Thread Theory Finlaysons, and Jalie Cocoon Cardigans. These wools have a great hand, wash easily (using Eucalan Wool Wash) and sew up oh so smooth! The only real challenge with these fabrics is their bulk. As a single layer, they're fairly drapey... but add a couple of seams, and it quickly becomes a thick intersection. So, here is what we've learned while sewing with these fabulous fabrics! Use a...

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  • Sewing Workshop Stella Top in Rayon

    Sewing Workshop Stella Top in Rayon

    I made my first Sewing Workshop Stella Top many years ago.  I spent the time to alter the pattern, and I made it out of a plaid silk. The silk was a gorgeous, subtle black and grey ombre: very thin and slinky. Despite having read a million articles about stabilizing slippery fabrics I had confidence that I could pull off cutting a slippery plaid on the bias without any stabilizer. Who was I kidding? Forget matching...

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  • Lisa the Unicorn Pillow: Part 2

    Lisa the Unicorn Pillow: Part 2

    Hello quilters! Welcome to Part 2 of our Lisa the Unicorn Pillow blog post! If you missed the first installment, you can find it here. Piecing the Horn Unit The horn unit in this project can be a little tricky. It is traditionally pieced rather than foundation paper pieced, and you need to pay close attention to how you line up the ruler on the block before cutting. Follow the pattern instructions to sew the horn to the background pieces. Next, cut the block to the correct size. There is a picture in the instructions, but I found...

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  • StyleArc Flat-Bottom Flo Pants, Take III

    StyleArc Flat-Bottom Flo Pants, Take III

    I was hoping this would be my third and final installment in this series about fitting the StyleArc Flat-Bottom Flo pants.  I’m still not completely happy with the fit of...

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  • How to Apply Bias Binding to a Wool Blanket

    How to Apply Bias Binding to a Wool Blanket


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  • Lisa the Unicorn Pillow

    Lisa the Unicorn Pillow

    Hi everyone, Our latest modern quilt project is Lisa the Unicorn, a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. This versatile pattern gives you several options including a pillow cover, a small quilt, and a large quilt. You could also turn the pillow cover into a mini quilt instead. Let's get started! I love this unicorn because you can customize the mane in whatever colors you want. For my example, I selected sea glass colors to remind me of a tropical beach! I kept the unicorn body...

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