Halloween and the Costume Conundrum

Halloween is back again, and, with it, the anxiety of finding a costume. If you’re like me, you want to participate in the many ghoulish festivities October has to offer, but find that All Hallows Eve always sneaks up on you! By the time I’ve settled on a costume – usually nothing very original – [Read More]

The Palmer/Pletsch Pajama Pants

Plamer/Pletsch Pajama Pants

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on the Sew Liberated Arenite Pants in which I extoled the virtues of ‘secret pajamas’. Those garments which, though suitable for public activities, possess all the comfort of your snuggliest loungewear. Today, I write about the only thing better than secret pajamas – apparent pajamas! A steadfast [Read More]

The Hot Stuff Oven Mitt

Hot Stuff Oven Mitt

I must admit, now that October is upon us, I have mixed emotions about the cooler weather. I’ve always loved fall. My birthday, beautiful foliage, volleyball, the beginning of school. (Yes, school. I wear the nerd badge with pride.) At the same time, I detest being cold, and Montana winters are very long. However, two [Read More]

True Bias Rio Ringer Tee

I LOVE THIS PATTERN! I’m just going to cut to the chase. No musings about the weather or my lackluster wardrobe. No philosophical questions about the state of the world or the relationship between pockets and the patriarchy. Instead, I’m just going to tell you that I love the True Bias Rio Ringer Tee pattern [Read More]

The Sew Liberated Arenite Pants

Arnite Pants Raw Silk Noil Ash

When difficult times arise, we seek comfort in different ways. Through food and friends. Through pets, familiar books, and nostalgic movies. Hot tea and warm blankets. And, while all of these are comforting, while they all ease the tension and anxiety which has, of late, seemed more pervasive than usual, the comfort I have always [Read More]

The Cady Stretch Suiting Butterick 6051 Dress

Here at The Confident Stitch, one of our goals is to show you a variety of fabrics sewn into a variety of garments for a variety of bodies. Sounds simple, right? Bonnie, our professional seamstress, can sew anything we throw at her. We have a couple thousand bolts of fabric and hundreds of patterns. Just [Read More]

The Cashmerette Ames Jeans Wrap-Up

I love my Cashmerette Ames Jeans, made from our White Stretch Denim so much! I also loved the process of making them. If you want to make jeans (or if you just want to learn from my mistakes), you’ll find links below to all the videos I filmed while creating these! I made a Size [Read More]

A Scrap of Inspiration

Having spent the last chapter of my life in transition, I’ve learned a thing or two about the art of packing and unpacking. From Maine to Colorado to Montana, a few (many) things were left behind, while only the essentials (sewing supplies and a shirt or two) were routinely packed. Just as I became a [Read More]

Closet Core Fiona Sundress

Closet Core Fiona Sundress

Closet Core Patterns recently changed their name from Closet Case, and for good reason! In the email that founder Heather Lou sent to her wholesalers apprising us of the change she said, “This small business grew out of a humble sewing blog called Closet Case Files back in 2011, which evolved into Closet Case Patterns [Read More]

Sew House Seven Free Range Slacks

I love a TNT (Tried and True) pattern that I can make over and over again and that works in many different fabrics. The pattern gets easier each time I make it, and I’m able to make little tweaks to the tissue so that the garment fits better with each re-making. TNT patterns are hard [Read More]