Cashmerette Webster Top & Dress Pattern

  Picture this: It’s a spring day. You’re strutting down a city street. The trees sway, and their blossoms flutter around you as you slide on your favorite pair of shades. The ice in your drink of choice clatters quietly as you take a leisurely sip, your heels clicking confidently on the sidewalk beneath you. [Read More]

Ipswich Swimsuit Part 4: Leg Openings and Straps

I’m back again with an Ipswich Swimsuit! If you haven’t already, be sure to watch the Facebook Live video (4:00 pm Mountain Time 5/13/2020) to get a better sense of how these Ipswich’s leg openings and straps came together for me.  I feel as though my main contribution to this project is to make mistakes [Read More]

Ipswich Swimsuit Part 3: Starting Construction

Welcome to Part 3 of my Ipswich Swimsuit adventure! Today on the blog and via Facebook Live (4:00 pm MST, May 6, 2020), I’ll show you how to: 1. Sew the upper back section of the Ipswich, and 2. How to sew the crotch seam using the burrito method. (Spoiler alert: it’s magic!). After constructing [Read More]

Angela Wolf Linda Tunic

The history of the tunic is almost as old as the concept of wearing clothing. For the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, the Vikings, and many people living during the Middle Ages, the tunic was their garment of choice! And why? Because the design is simple, functional, highly customizable, and comfortable as heck! So versatile and [Read More]

Ipswich Swimsuit Part 2: Making the Bra

After ordering the extra notions and cutting out 20 pieces of fabric and power mesh for the Ipswich Swimsuit, I finally dove into sewing and started making bra! Thank goodness for Cashmerette’s Swimsuit Making for Curves video! Jenny Rushmore, the owner of Cashmerette, calmly walked me through all the tricky bits. I’ll show you how [Read More]

Ipswich Swimsuit Part 1: Gathering Materials

A few months ago, some gorgeous designer swim fabrics came across our radar, and because good swim fabrics are rare finds, we snatched them up. After gazing at them for a few weeks, I decided to make myself a Cashmerette Ipswich Swimsuit primarily using our Swim Knit in Navy with the Abstract Arc Design in [Read More]

The World IS your Wardrobe

Grainline Archer in Robert Kaufman Flannel

Recently, most of us have had a lot more time to be at home and reflect on what we value. I am nostalgic for surfing with friends and going to fancy dinners with my sister. Beyond discovering what social interactions I really miss, I also find myself being pickier about the things I surround myself [Read More]

The Big Impact of Shopping Small

In Montana, craft stores were considered “essential” businesses until last week. This meant The Confident Stitch could provide curb-side pickup and home delivery for local customers. Then, the local newspaper reported last week that the County Health Department told JOANN Fabrics and Michael’s to stop providing local pickup. And, yesterday, I got a call from [Read More]

Oliver + S Cartwheel Wrap Dress

I’m not a particularly religious person. Suffice it to say, my favorite thing about church has always been Communion and that has everything to do with the bread and very little to do with the Body of Christ. However, I love Easter. Family, food, egg-dying, egg-hunting, chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and – in the case [Read More]

How to Sew a Face Mask for Personal Use

April 8, 2020 How to Sew a Face Mask with a Filter Pocket and Ties for Personal Use This pattern is adapted from the pattern created by Sarah at the ‘Sarah Maker’ blog. Follow this link to her blog to learn more!  CDC face mask recommendations are changing everyday, and we will try to keep [Read More]