What Does it Mean to ‘Make the Most of It’?

The events that took place at the capital this week have saddened and horrified us. Not only is it appalling that rioters stormed our nation’s Capitol, looting and destroying as they went, but they did so at the behest of our Commander in Chief. Draped in Confederate flags and swastikas, these rioters were ultimately allowed [Read More]

Confident Resolutions: Making the Most of 2021

Kate and staff on a video call.

2020 was a hard one and, while a shift in calendar is not enough to fix the many trials we’ve been negotiating, saying goodbye to an astoundingly difficult twelve months certainly feels good. Of course, with a new year comes resolutions! So many things we’re out of our control this year, and there were moments [Read More]

A Pup-tastic Leash and Collar Set: The 11th ‘Make’ of Christmas!

leash and collar

After a year filled with extra walks and extra extra snuggles, our pups deserve a spot at the top of our lists. Today’s make is the perfect op-paw-tunity to treat them! We were over the moon to be able to partner with Amber of Ugly Yellow House when making this kit. Amber creates darling bow ties [Read More]

Tilly’s Snuggly Slipper Set: The 3rd ‘Make’ of Christmas!

Snuggly Slippers

🎵Oh the weather outside is frightful But the fire is so delightful And since we no place to go Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! 🎵 A cozy day by the fire always conjures an image with a few key elements: a steaming mug filled with your drink of choice, a heavy [Read More]

Reversible Ombré Table Runner: The 1st ‘Make’ of Christmas!

If I had a dollar for every “easy” project I’ve abandoned, I’d be a bazillionaire by now. When I know a project is going to be difficult I’m prepared to spend hours working on it – undeterred by complexity or convolution. On the other hand, if a project has been labeled “easy,” I suddenly have [Read More]

Fifth Anniversary Reflections

When I opened The Confident Stitch five years ago, I was certain that I possessed the skill set required to run a successful business. I knew how to choose fabric, teach sewing, budget, build spreadsheets, and write blog posts & press releases. And, for those things I wasn’t as knowledgeable in – graphic design, branding, [Read More]

Halloween and the Costume Conundrum

Halloween is back again, and, with it, the anxiety of finding a costume. If you’re like me, you want to participate in the many ghoulish festivities October has to offer, but find that All Hallows Eve always sneaks up on you! By the time I’ve settled on a costume – usually nothing very original – [Read More]

The Palmer/Pletsch Pajama Pants

Plamer/Pletsch Pajama Pants

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on the Sew Liberated Arenite Pants in which I extoled the virtues of ‘secret pajamas’. Those garments which, though suitable for public activities, possess all the comfort of your snuggliest loungewear. Today, I write about the only thing better than secret pajamas – apparent pajamas! A steadfast [Read More]

The Hot Stuff Oven Mitt: The 4th ‘Make’ of Christmas

Hot Stuff Oven Mitt

I must admit, now that October is upon us, I have mixed emotions about the cooler weather. I’ve always loved fall. My birthday, beautiful foliage, volleyball, the beginning of school. (Yes, school. I wear the nerd badge with pride.) At the same time, I detest being cold, and Montana winters are very long. However, two [Read More]

True Bias Rio Ringer Tee

I LOVE THIS PATTERN! I’m just going to cut to the chase. No musings about the weather or my lackluster wardrobe. No philosophical questions about the state of the world or the relationship between pockets and the patriarchy. Instead, I’m just going to tell you that I love the True Bias Rio Ringer Tee pattern [Read More]