Super Sustainable! Organic Soy Knits

If you haven’t yet tried sewing with knits (and even if you have!), this line of Organic Soy Knits will blow your mind! We constantly keep this gorgeous fabric in stock, and it comes in a myriad of colors. It also doesn’t pill, the light weight is just right, and so is the stretch! But [Read More]

Diane’s Tree of Life Quilt and Why We Love a Panel!

Over the years, the super talented Diane Haddon has made many quilt samples for us to hang in our store. This most recent quilt is one she devised herself to show off Dear Stella’s Tree of Life Panel. As you can see, this quilt came together wonderfully. So we asked Diane to tell us more [Read More]

The Liesl + Co. Fira Dress

I recently took a trip to Florida to watch my best friend, Ed, get married. It was sure to be one heck of a good time. Two best friends, now living thousands of miles apart, seeing each other for the first time in years and meeting significant others for the first time – that’s a [Read More]

Photo Guide to Sewing a Single-Welt Pocket

Let’s sew a single-welt pocket! The photos in this blog post are for a Grainline Studios Tamarack Jacket, but they will be helpful for any single-welt pocket.  Sewing a single – or double – welt pocket is scary because it involves cutting a long slit in the middle of your project. But, if you take [Read More]

Join Historical Hand-Sewing Club!

A historical, detachable pocket.

Exciting news everyone! Beginning on May 17th from 4 to 6pm, The Confident Stitch will be hosting a Historical Hand-Sewing Club led by the talented Brooke Prusa. Here’s what you need to know! Hi everyone! I’m Brooke Prusa. Lover of historical and vintage fashion! My interest in this pursuit began as a kid, when I [Read More]

Five Things We LOVE About Brussels Washer Linen

We LOVE Brussels Washer Linen and recommend it to customers time and time again.  Here’s why:  Brussels Washer Linens by Robert Kauffman are 55% linen and 45% rayon, giving them the advantage of easy washing and drying with moderate wrinkling.  This linen blend come in all kinds of colors, from taupe to ocean blue and [Read More]

Pre-treat Your Linen to Minimize Wrinkling!

I recently learned of Sandra Betzina’s linen pretreating method – said to minimize wrinkling and future shrinkage – and I decided to give it a try! If you don’t already know, Sandra is an accomplished author, producer, speaker, and pattern designer. She’s well-known for her helpful Power Sewing DVDs, her HGTV show Sew Perfect, and [Read More]

A Low-Tech Solution to Your Snap Setting Woes

Those of you who’ve tried it know that snap-setting can be frustrating! Lining up all the tiny round pieces is difficult, the prongs sometimes bend, and plier-type setting tools are difficult to squeeze. I recently made a quilted Tamarack Jacket for the #FreeSpiritCoatStory Challenge, and I decided to use this project as an opportunity to [Read More]

How to win the #FreeSpiritCoatStory challenge!

The #FreeSpiritCoatStory is an awesome contest with great prizes, and it’s perfect for The Confident Stitch and our customers! Why, you may ask? Because, just like The Confident Stitch, it includes quilting AND garment-making! Plus, Free Spirit is awarding valuable prizes! Ending up with a gorgeous quilted coat that fits you like a dream is [Read More]

Mastering Curves with the Quick Curve Mini!

A month ago, Kate approached me about making a Heart Beat wall hanging to celebrate Valentines Day! Since this proposed project was coinciding with our ‘Love is in the Air’ Art Gallery sale we thought it would be fun to use a variety of Art Gallery Fabric quilting cottons to make it. This is the [Read More]