The Liesl & Co. Afternoon Tea Blouse

    I often find myself lamenting that I don’t own enough fun or interesting blouses. Each morning I walk to my closet and find that my choices consist either of formal button-ups or basic tees – there is no happy medium! Fortunately, Liesl & Co is in the business of revamping drab closets, and, [Read More]

Closet Case Jasika Blazer in Raw Silk

The Closet Case Jasika Blazer is a REAL blazer pattern. Heather Lou and her team didn’t take any shortcuts. Our seamstress, Bonnie, LOVED the challenge of creating a true tailored jacket, and we think you will, too! With all those pattern pieces, and all the steps involved in making this tailored blazer, your first step [Read More]

Deadstock Fabrics Sale!

Exciting news everybody! The Confident Stitch is having a huge Deadstock Fabric Sale! That’s right! It’s your lucky day because, starting now, a ton of our most beloved Deadstocks will be on sale for 25% off! 🤯 At this point, a few of you out there may be scratching your heads in response to this [Read More]

Christine Jonson Patterns Trunk Show!

Blue Knit Wrap Dress

  Guess what! We’re going to start carrying Christine Jonson patterns! Christine spent twelve years designing and producing ready-to-wear clothing for the wholesale market. Then, she opened her own shop to sell her private-label clothing. Lucky for us, she took the knowledge she gained from years of experience fitting and overseeing the production of clothes, [Read More]

The New Sewer’s Sewing Corner

Hello Sewcialists and welcome to the New Sewer’s Sewing Corner! Well, in what seems like a flash, May is coming to a close and the Me-Made component is finishing up as well. I mentioned, in my Me-Made-aMAYzing post at the start of the month, that, at this stage in my sewing ‘career’, I’d have to [Read More]

Closet Case Ginger Skinny Jeans in Super Stretch Denim

We all know the value of a good pair of jeans. Jeans that, not only, fit well and are comfortable, but that make the wearer feel and look her absolute best. Unfortunately, it can be pretty tricky finding a pair of jeans to meet these many specifications. After a million disappointing trips the mall, you [Read More]

Enter to Win a Hand-Made Garment!

Hello Sewcialists! Good news! You can enter to win a hand-made garment. If you regularly follow our blog you will no doubt know that our in-house tailor, Bonnie Thompson, is one of the best! She started sewing professionally in 1980 for a custom sewing business in downtown Missoula, and by 1987, she owned the business, [Read More]

Dear Mom…

I think many of us posses very distinct memories of our mothers explaining to us, perhaps in a calm moment of teaching or in the wake of an egregious adolescent mistake, that, “These are my sewing scissors. Do not use them on anything but fabric!” My first week at The Confident Stitch, the lovely Jane [Read More]


The first of May is significant in Western Culture in a few ways. Traditionally, those in the Northern Hemisphere, celebrate the arrival of spring on this day with singing, dancing, and cake! Yum! In the late 19th century, however, a peaceful protest for labor rights in Chicago turned riotous when a thrown dynamite bomb resulted [Read More]

7 Tips for Quilt Piecing

Hi Everyone! — Quilt piecing is much more fun with these 7 tips. Keep reading to see what I’ve learned over the years….   Thread weight goes the opposite way, so 60-weight is lighter than 30-weight sew-all thread. Using a light-weight thread with a tiny stitch length reduces the bulk, and increases the strength, of [Read More]