Jalie 3907 Alex Half-Zip Pullover

Ah the pullover. Fashion’s cozy gift to us all. Though not traditionally categorized as a ‘flattering’ garment, it is one that has managed to stay in style for decades. And why? Because, with a short zipper (or perhaps buttons) and the option to pull tight the bottom hem, the pullover is designed to keep the [Read More]

Double Struck Star, Part 3

It’s Jennifer Ball, back again! If you’re following along with this miniseries on the Double Struck Star quilt designed by Krista Moser, we’ll finish the quilt in today’s post. If you missed my earlier posts, go check them out! Once you have completed your quilt flimsy, it is time to quilt! This particular quilt has triangle points extending past each top and bottom edge. [Read More]

Double Struck Star Quilt, Part 2

In my last post I talked about starting a new modern quilt called Double Struck Star by Krista Moser. This pattern displays colorful fabrics against neutral a background in a modern twist on a classic block shape – the star!   We left off by cutting out all of our triangle shapes, both from the [Read More]

Homemade Face Masks: Asking the Right Questions

In response to a recent shortage and hospital requests for face masks, we’ve received many inquiries from those interested in helping. We are grateful to be part of a community that has such a strong will to help others. As with many things lately, the protocol regarding COVID-19 is updating constantly. And, like you, we [Read More]

Double Struck Star Quilt, Part 1

Happy Worldwide Quilting Day! In honor of all you amazingly talented and creative quilters out there, we’ve asked the FABULOUS Jennifer Ball to write another three-part blog series about her recent Double Struck Star quilting coup, and she has obliged! Hi everyone! Are you ready to start a modern quilt project? Gather up your supplies, [Read More]

The Confident Stitch COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Protection

  The last several weeks have felt like something out of a Ray Bradbury novella. Canceled events, abandoned streets, closed restaurants, a bizarre toilet paper shortage, and, on top of it all, widespread anxiety and uncertainty.  As a small business owner and avid sewist, I have been thinking a lot about how the current pandemic [Read More]

Wardrobe By Me Rebel Raglan Sweatshirt

Shh. Do you hear that? It’s the sound of sewists all over the world poking their heads out from under their stash of warm winter fabrics and turning their faces towards the much-missed sun. Is it time for our annual ascent into floral madness yet? No, sweet sewists, back to bed with you. As much [Read More]

A Sewing and Stitchery Exposé

We can all picture the traditional scene – A secret agent, battle-hardened and hollow-eyed, sits opposite their out-of-touch superior. Having just failed a routine debriefing, they now stoically listen as the ‘man in charge’ firmly explains their precarious position. Though our spy’s unconventional methods have garnered results in the past, their recent undercover exploits have [Read More]

Jalie 3133 Baby Onesie

Jalie's special application for attaching the white binding around neck, arms, and legs looks as good as it feels.

This week’s pattern review is our cutest one yet. In fact it’s SO cute that we now realize our previous use of this word has been far too indiscriminate. The lovely Cheryl Webster, owner of the Headwaters Hot Yoga Missoula studio, volunteered her cute, cute,  CUTE (did we mention he’s cute?) son, Jack, to model [Read More]

Musings of a Crafty Activist

I recently had an interesting discussion with my younger brother regarding single-use plastic bags. This Christmas, my aunt gifted me three, mesh produce bags designed to be used in place of the plastic bags provided by grocery stores. My brother was amused by my excitement, and made the clipped remark that the bags were unlikely [Read More]