Jalie 3133 Baby Onesie

Jalie's special application for attaching the white binding around neck, arms, and legs looks as good as it feels.

This week’s pattern review is our cutest one yet. In fact it’s SO cute that we now realize our previous use of this word has been far too indiscriminate. The lovely Cheryl Webster, owner of the Headwaters Hot Yoga Missoula studio, volunteered her cute, cute,  CUTE (did we mention he’s cute?) son, Jack, to model [Read More]

Musings of a Crafty Activist

I recently had an interesting discussion with my younger brother regarding single-use plastic bags. This Christmas, my aunt gifted me three, mesh produce bags designed to be used in place of the plastic bags provided by grocery stores. My brother was amused by my excitement, and made the clipped remark that the bags were unlikely [Read More]

Good Time Blog: Our Top 10 Sewing Blog Posts of 2019

With most of the staff out of town, it’s fallen to me (Lane) pick my favorite blog posts of 2019! I hope you find them as enjoyable as I did! I love the Thread Theory Strathcona Henley Review because it’s a practical look at how the right fabric makes all the difference! Though the pattern [Read More]

Posh Kitty Quilt, Part 3: Quilting and Binding

Posh Kitty Quilt in Waterton!

Hello everyone! Jennifer here with my final blog installment on Sew Kind of Wonderful’s Posh Kitty Quilt Pattern! So far we’ve covered choosing fabric, cutting & sewing curves, matching points and determining fabric placement. In this final post I’ll discuss an unexpected fabric re-evaluation, sashing, binding, and (at last) quilting! For the sashing in my [Read More]

Klum House ‘Maywood’ Tote Pack

We spend a lot of time on this blog focusing on garment sewing and quilting, but a third, equally thrilling topic that deserves some love is bag-making! An art in and of itself, bag-making is often a culmination of all the best things about garment sewing and quilting. Coming in all shapes and sizes, bags [Read More]

Posh Kitty Quilt, Part 2

Posh Kitty Sewn

Hello everyone! In my last blog post, I talked about fabric selection and cutting out the curved shapes with the Mini Quick Curve Ruler for the Posh Kitty quilt pattern. This week, I’ll tackle sewing curved pieces, matching points, and fabric placement. As you sew the curved pieces together, the resulting units will look very [Read More]

The Tania Coatigan, a Fetching Blazer Alternative

The Tania Coatigan is an open-front, relaxed-fit, casual, unlined blazer that can be worn as a cardigan or jacket! It has diagonal seaming in both the front and back, in-seam pockets, and a notched collar that can stand up or fold down. It can also be made, as this one is, with contrasting fabrics. No [Read More]

Posh Kitty Quilt, Part 1

Our fabulous sample maker, Jennifer Ball, recently outdid herself with this adorable interpretation of Sew Kind of Wonderful’s Posh Kitty Quilt Pattern. This pattern requires the use of the Quick Curve Mini Ruler, and – while curves are always tricky to negotiate – Posh Kitty is a great first pattern to learn on because there [Read More]

The Jalie Charlotte Cardigan

  While cardigan sweaters have a reputation for being comfortable and cozy, they are not always seen as fashionable. A garment often associated with grandparents, teachers or the venerable Fred Rogers, cardigan patterns come across as ‘safe’ or even reliable, but not necessarily as inspiring. When I sew, I am guided by my inspiration. Love [Read More]

The Wardrobe By Me Akinori Dress

As winter approaches in Missoula, Montana some may already be yearning for spring, dreading the cold temperatures, the darkness, and the lethargy that can accompany them. This, however, is a great time to embrace the hibernation-inducing temperatures, retreat into your sewing cave, and sew a new spring wardrobe in preparation for the soft grass and [Read More]