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Making time for me! How I learned that sewing really is self-care.

My life has been a little challenging since July 23rd – the day my husband, [Read More]


Sewing for All – Standing up against anti-trans legislation

At the beginning of last year the crew at Confident Stitch sat down to do [Read More]


How I went from quilting to sewing clothes I love. (And how you can do it too!)

Are you a quilter who dreams of sewing clothes for yourself? Well, 2023 is going [Read More]


YOU Make Sewing Special

When scrolling through social media, I sometimes find myself concluding that everyone else sews perfectly [Read More]


Fifth Anniversary Reflections

When I opened The Confident Stitch five years ago, I was certain that I possessed [Read More]


The World IS your Wardrobe

Recently, most of us have had a lot more time to be at home and [Read More]

The Big Impact of Shopping Small

In Montana, craft stores were considered “essential” businesses until last week. This meant The Confident [Read More]


Constructive Creativity

There are infinite creative possibilities. I rarely have a lack of ideas. Honing in on [Read More]

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Kate’s Year-End Thoughts

On Our Way from Good to Great! Before he started the research for his book, [Read More]

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Reflections on Houston Quilt Market

Last weekend, Kate and I traveled to Houston for the amazing, colorful, and slightly overwhelming [Read More]