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Closet Core Jenny Overalls in Railroad Denim

    Our shop seamstress, Bonnie, made a pair of Closet Core Jenny Overalls (formerly [Read More]

Sewing Workshop Cortona Blouse in Frou Frou Voile

To showcase Frou Frou voiles and bias tapes, Bonnie, our shop seamstress, made a Sewing [Read More]

The Vying of the V-Necks: Jalie Bobbie vs. Sew House Seven Tabor

Jalie’s new(ish) Bobbie knit top pattern is similar to Sew House Seven’s new(ish) Tabor V-Neck [Read More]

Battle of the Button-Ups: Jalie Rose vs. Grainline Alder

  When Jalie introduced the “Rose” sleeveless button-up shirt, we wondered how it compared to [Read More]


The True Bias Lander Pants: Four Emotional Phases of Pant-Making

      I recently finished making pants for the first time, and it was [Read More]