Leony Kelsey Rayon in Leopard


This feisty EcoVero introduces a new crepe weave in the Atelier Brunette catalog: the Kelsey. The Kelsey is an embossed crepe with a delicate and supple texture which adds charm to this graphic pattern.

In addition to its charm, the Kelsey finish gives this fabric more of a cotton feel – it takes away the slippery tendencies of rayon. This fabric is beautifully drapey and lightweight while remaining fully opaque.

We suggest making something flowy, like a Lotta dress, out of this fabric. 

This fabric is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and woven from Lenzing™? EcoVero™? certified fibers. This rayon is free of harmful substances and the manufacturing cycle has been optimized to drastically reduce the environmental impact compared to traditional rayon.

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