Aboriginal Fallen Seeds Quilting Cotton in Stormy Sea


Join us in celebrating the arrival of Australian Aboriginal Designs to our store!
M&S Textiles Australia brings together an abundant and vibrant collection of original indigenous designs. All designs are created by Australian Aboriginal artists and depict their experience with the Dreamtime*.
M&S Textiles licenses each artwork and pays a share of the price to the artist or aboriginal community.

Gracie Morton is a popular name in the Patchwork and Quilting world. Her present works, The Fallen Seeds, will be another thriving success. In Utopia, there are many different bush fruits, trees. The nuts of these fruits are lying under the trees and nearby places.

Gracie is an experienced artist with great imagination and portrait; the seeds have fallen in circular patterns on the ground. It is an excellent piece of artwork by Gracie Morton. She has bold and vibrant imagination with her brush, color and canvas.

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