Alabama Studio Style


This book description is taking me about an hour to write. I made the mistake of leafing through the book in order to describe it, and I could not stop reading. Not only is this book full of projects I want to start right now, Natalie Chanin’s writing is beguiling and inspiring. In Natalie Chanin’s words, “Alabama Studio Style is at the core of Alabama Chanin. It is my home, my work, my love, my people. It is a way of looking at the world that, consequently, defines how the world looks. It is food, clothing, and shelter sewn together into a harmonious pattern that enriches our lives every day.” If you are in love with slow design, or you want to be in love with slow design, this book is for you. You’ll want to read it cover-to-cover. Really, you will. The book includes paper patterns for Natalie’s camisole dress and variations.

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