Decades of Style 1928 Bias Cut Flapper Apron


This wonderful apron from 1928 answers the question, “what can you make out of 1 yard of fabric?”

Cut on the bias, the Flapper is designed to be made from a 36″ square of fabric. The Decades of  Style design crew also played around with this pattern and made an equally cute 2-yard reversible version.

The Flapper includes 9 adult sizes. The largest size is drafted for someone with a 46″ bust, 40″ waist, and 49″ hips. Additionally, a child-sized apron pattern (most appropriate for a 8-12 year olds) is included, and this smaller view can be made even smaller by pleating up the length at the waist.

Because of the bias cut, directional prints might not be appropriate. We suggest using a bright quilting cotton or – for an apron with a little more weight – one of our Brussels Washer Linens!

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