Dry Cotton Oilskin in Cumin


This high quality dry oilskin, made in the UK, is drier and crisper than other oilskins, (and less waxy than a traditional waxed cotton) with a matt appearance.

A water resistant (though not water proof) fabric, Dry Oilskin is treated with an emulsified wax. This binds a wax-based product with water to give a non-oily finish, then the solutions are heat-processed into the cloth for a longer lasting finish and higher performance. Plus, the finish is vegan!

Use this gorgeous fabric to make any Klum House bag, a M&M Landgate Jacket or a beautiful, lined Thayer Jacket!


  • Hand wash only.
  • Use a cool setting on your iron.
  • Unlike normal oilskin there would be no oil transfer so you don’t need to line your garment or bag.
  • After consistent use, you can easily ‘re-proof’ the water resistance using Merchant & Mills Reproofing Spray.

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