Flying Machine Laminate in Sky


Laminated cotton – oilcloth’s more flexible cousin – is a 100% cotton fabric that has a thin layer of polyurethane or polyethylene film attached to the patterned, right side of the fabric. This sealing is waterproof and this fabric is a dream to cut and sew with! Make a bike seat cover or reusable lunch sack, upholster a high-chair or make a car-seat covering, or make a waterproof Closet Core Files Kelly Anorak Jacket Pattern! The possibilities really are endless. Unlike other laminates, this fabric features a shiny finish, rather than matte. Sold by the yard, 12″ repeat. Largest  machine is 4 1/2″ long to wing tip.

Note: This fabric can be machine washed, but we recommend air-drying. Likewise, when pressing, always press from the wrong side on a very low setting.

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