{gar}Meant for You Swatch Experience

From: $15.00 every 3 months

{gar}Meant for You is a seasonal swatch subscription service designed to introduce you to new fashion fabrics and independent patterns.

There are two {gar}Meant for You card options:

  • Warm – for people with peach, gold, or yellow skin undertones.
  • Cool – for people with people with red, blue, or pink skin undertones.

Some people can wear both Cool & Warm tones and choose to subscribe to both cards!

Every three months, in August, November, February, and May, subscribers receive a card containing ten, 2” x 3” swatches of coordinating fabrics to see and feel up-close. The fabrics featured are appropriate for the upcoming season and they range in substrate.

Under each swatch is a description with info about the fabric’s content, width, price, stretch (if applicable), shrinkage, care instructions, and a needle recommendation. Also included is a pattern suggestion.

Subscribers to this service also have access to:

  • A collection Review Video which provides a closer look at how the featured fabrics drape, stretch, handle, and coordinate with one another in real life.
  • A Resource Page containing direct links to relevant sewing tutorials, the featured fabrics, and the suggested patterns.
  • A 10% discount code that can be applied to all the fabrics and patterns in the season’s collection.

If you plan on gifting a card, set up a separate subscription for the recipient and select “This is a gift”.


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