Knits, Light Woven, & Heavy Woven Scrap Bundles


Every day is Earth Day here at Confident Stitch, and to celebrate we’re having a scrap-tacular sale!

Organized by fabric type – light-weight wovens, heavy-weight wovens, and knits – the largest remnants in each bundle can range from 5/8 of a yard to 1 1/2 yards, while the smallest scraps are around 3″ to 6″ inches wide. 

In a lightweight bundle you may find rayon, cotton lawns, raw silk or flannel, while a heavyweight bundle (perfect for bag-making) may contain canvas, twill, denim, and the occasional waxed cotton! Knit bundles run the gamut from swimwear knits to pontes to cotton/soy blends

Containing a fun mix of color, pattern and substrate, each dapper bundle will add some splash to your depleted stash, while keeping these snappy scraps out of the trash! 

Check out the TCS blog for a list of remnant-friendly patterns & some clever, scrap-busting suggestions!

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