Merchant and Mills Box of Five Pins


The right pin for every task, this handsome carton from Merchant and Mills contains:

  • Entomology Pins: For extra-fine silks and antique cloth. 38mm x 0.45mm. 100 pins per box.
  • Dressmaking Pins: Traditional pins great for quilting cotton or heavy-weight fabric. (Not recommended for fine fabrics.) 32mm x 0.65mm
  • Black Bulb Pins: 21mm long and like safety pins but with a wide bowl at the bottom for tags and etc.
  • Glass-Headed Pins: In a multitude of colors, these pins are easy to find, very sharp, and won’t melt when pressed! 30mm x 0.60mm. 100 per box.
  • Small Safety Pins: Always a useful addition.

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