Palmer/Pletsch Perfect Fuse Tailor Ultra in Charcoal Black


One of Pati Palmer’s first jobs was selling interfacing for a French company. When the French company stopped exporting interfacing to the United States, Pati started her own company, Palmer/Pletsch. Palmer/Pletch’s main focus was teaching home sewers how to fit themselves, but Patti also realized there was a huge need for high-quality weft interfacing in the US. She and her family have been importing and packaging high quality interfacing since the 1970’s. We carry it because it’s the best, and because it comes in 60″-wide pieces, so it lasts forever.

Perfect Fuse Medium 64% rayon, 36% polyester fusible weft interfacing is great for dresses, blouses, and jackets where a little more body is needed.

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