Quilting 301: The Wing Clipper, Saturday, March 9


Saturday, March 9, 1-5 pm

Kate is excited to offer the 12-month Tucker University quilting curriculum this year! The curriculum uses the Studio 180 Design tools, which help you build your skills and accuracy by oversizing the fabric just enough to trim your units to the perfect size. In the third class in the series, you’ll learn the simple secrets to creating crisp, clean flying geese units. The method can be applied to any pattern that uses flying geese. Since you usually have to make hundreds of these units at a time, why not make every one perfect? You’ll also learn how to make pickets and quickets in this class – perfect for beautiful borders. Please bring your basic quilting tools.

Prerequisite: Intro to Quilting or quilting experience.

(All tools for class are 15% off)

  • Wing Clipper Ruler: $19.13
  • Quilter’s Magic Wand: $5.10
  • Pickets and Quickets Technique Sheet: $6.38
  • Wing Clipper Design Sheet: $6.38

Supplies Total: $37.00 (a $43.50 value)




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