We are happy to bring The Confident Stitch to you.

What is a Virtual Shopping Session?

It’s just what it sounds like! Via platforms like Facetime, Google Hangouts and etc. we set up a time to video chat and take you on a virtual tour of our store.

Preparing for Your Virtual Shopping Session

To help prepare for your upcoming appointment:

• Take a tour around our website! Keep track of fabrics, patterns, and anything else you may be interested in, and jot down any questions you may have about them.

• Email us a list of your upcoming projects and the items/materials you need for each one.
     For example:
             Project – An eight year old girl’s Easter Dress.             
             Need  – dress pattern, cotton voile (in green or blue), matching thread and buttons.

• Write down any questions you have in general! Having trouble sewing with knits, or executing a buttonhole? We’re happy to answer questions anytime but ‘face to face’ is always the best!

• A picture is worth a thousand words! Send us pictures of the projects you’re working on, specific fabrics that you’re hoping to match to, or even your Pinterest inspiration board! Understanding your vision will make helping/guiding you easier and more fun!

Video Chatting Options

We can video chat via Facetime, Facebook Messenger video, Instagram, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Whatsapp, so let us know in advance what platform works best for you. Additionally, if you’re new to video chat and need help setting it up we are happy to guide you through it.

Schedule a session

Book your session today by calling us at (406) 540-4068 or emailing us at [email protected].

Additional Information

Appointments must be scheduled in advance. To to ensue you an optimal shopping experience, we need to verify that you and your guide will have the store to yourselves. As such, all sessions must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

A session is two hours or less. Because we often schedule multiple sessions per day, an appointment cannot exceed it’s designated two hours, unless an extension is requested ahead of time.