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Making the Patchwork Lone Star Quilt

It’s that time again! Winter is on the horizon and we’re excited to announce this [Read More]

Broken Herringbone Quilt – Tips for Success!

The Fall 2023 We Quilt This City large project is Violet Craft’s Broken Herringbone quilt. [Read More]


The Steep Rock Quilt – quick tips for success!

The Summer 2023 We Quilt This City large project is the Steep Rock Quilt from [Read More]


The Geesey Quilt: How it all comes together!

Subscribers to We Quilt This City know that the Spring 2023 large quilting project is [Read More]

6 Tips for a Successful Elena Quilt

If you’re a We Quilt This City subscriber then you know that the Winter 2022 [Read More]

We Quilt This City – A Subscriber’s Perspective

As you may know, in 2020 we launched a unique, subscription Swatch Experience designed to [Read More]

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Introducing: Kate’s Swatch Experiences!

Sometimes the most difficult thing about sewing – be it garment making or quilting – [Read More]

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