Welcome to The Confident Stitch

The mission of The Confident Stitch is to uplift and empower people through sewing. To us, sewing is transformative for both humans and the Earth. We believe those of us with the time to hyper-consume should slow down and create. Instead of following the newest fast-fashion trend, we can use quality fabrics in just the right colors to make things for ourselves and the people we love. We feel soothed while we create and we prevent harmful environmental waste. And although the things we make may not be perfect, the act of creating heals us and the Earth.We understand that humans and the earth need a lot more healing than sewing can provide. But sewing heals both humans and the Earth a little bit, and for that we are grateful.


Kate McIvor

Kate McIvor


The Confident Stitch began as Kate McIvor’s blog to chronicle the pleasures of combining beautiful fabrics with custom-made patterns that curve with your body. She dreamed of providing the resources needed to transform great sewing ideas into outfits and projects.Now she is making that dream a reality through this website, and a brick-and-mortar shop in Missoula, Montana. Kate’s mission is to create a welcoming place that uplifts and empowers all people. She hopes this website will make you feel as though you have just walked into the fabric shop of your dreams.Kate grew up in Lafayette, California. She has a bachelor’s degree in History from Wesleyan University, and a master’s degree in Public Health from Harvard University (both of which are surprisingly useful in this endeavor). She has two daughters who are in their 20’s, Charlotte and Mairin. She lives in Missoula, Montana, with her husband, Fred, three dogs and one cat.

Maisie Gospodarek


Maisie is The Confident Stitch’s Shop Manager. She has just begun to dip her toe into the world of sewing, and the water feels fine! As a true Jaqueline-of-All-Trades, and life-long ‘crafter’ in many other mediums, Maisie is determined (and excited) to add this fun and versatile craft to her repertoire!Maisie, a born and raised Montanan, grew up with Yellowstone National Park on her left, National Forest on her right, and Bison everywhere in between! She moved to Missoula to obtain a degree in English Literature, with minors in Vocal Performance and Political Science, from The University of Montana.She currently lives in a teeny apartment with her wonderful (and adorable) roommate, Bea the cat.

Mina Schaaf


Mina is the Marketing Manager at The Confident Stitch. She grew up in the mountains of Oregon and after exploring the rest of the country for a few years, made Missoula her home. Mina loves contributing to the community by lending her marketing experience to enhance small business. She is a life-long learner and her favorite topics to study are linguistics and neuroscience. Outside of work, Mina likes to backpack and play disc golf.

Mina is new to the sewing world and she is super eager to acquire the skill of garment-making and become a #CONFIDENTMAKER!

Rachael Riley


Madeline is a Sales Associate at The Confident Stitch. She grew up in Toledo, Ohio where she got her Bachelor’s degree in Literature and learned to sew in a family owned alteration shop. Madeline ventured west to study Poetry in the University of Montana’s Master of Fine Arts Program, but found an adoration along the way for making her own garments.

When she’s not on the brink of fashion genius, she likes to make  specialty grilled cheese, read powerful feminist poetry and bake pup-cakes for her lab, Onyx. On all the western adventures, Madeline has her goosey lab in tow, blowing bubbles in the puddles.

Clo Smythman


Clo is a Sales Associate at The Confident Stitch. They grew up both in the UK and Wenatchee, Washington, where they formed a love for natural oddities and wildlife, and came to Montana in 2017 to attend MSU. They graduated with degrees is Conservation Biology/Ecology and English Writing. A Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks job brought them to Missoula where they share a small downtown apartment with their bearded dragon and jungle of houseplants.

As a lifelong lover of crafting, sewing is another creative outlet for Clo. They enjoy making one-of-a-kind, personalized fashion pieces for friends and family.