Sewing for all

At Confident Stitch, we believe that sewing is for people of all abilities, shapes, ages, genders and personalities. We’ll meet you where you are, whether you’ve never picked up a needle or you’re an award-winning quilter or seamstress.

Confident Stitch began as a blog chronicling Kate McIvor’s adventures in sewing. She dreamt of providing a welcoming space that would uplift and empower aspiring makers while also providing the resources needed to transform great sewing ideas into beautiful realities!

In 2017, armed only with a fabric obsession, a love of quilting & garment-making, and a belief in sewing’s ability to empower,  Kate moved to Missoula, Montana ready to open a new store!

Today, the Confident Stitch is everything Kate hoped it would be! A fabric store that – through instruction and advice on your schedule – knowledgeably guides you through each new sewing project.

With our Swatch Experience, YouTube channel, blog, and excellent customer service, we hope to empower you to make quilts, clothes, and bags you are truly proud of!

Thanks for being here & supporting our mission.


Soothes the soul. There’s no better way to relax!

Helps with self-love. You’re perfect the way you are, and it’s reflected in the things you make!

Connects us to one another. There’s nothing better than a gift handmade with love.

Minimizes waste & connects us to the wider world.  Down with Fast Fashion!

Teaches appreciation. This craft takes time, and though we may have fewer items of clothing and fewer quilts, we also have a better understanding of just how much is enough.

One stitch at a time.

Transform the world with sewing!

At Confident Stitch, we’re passionate about the life-changing potential of sewing. Empowering individuals with the tools and knowledge to shape their world. Hear more from our founder, Kate, in this video interview.

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Meet the team behind the movement

Kate McIvor


Confident Stitch began as Kate McIvor’s blog to chronicle her sewing journey. She dreamed of providing the resources needed to transform great sewing ideas into outfits and projects.

Now she is making that dream a reality through this website, and a brick-and-mortar shop in Missoula, Montana. Kate’s mission is to create a welcoming place that uplifts and empowers all people. She hopes this website will make you feel as though you have just walked into the fabric shop of your dreams.

Kate grew up in Lafayette, California, and has lived in Montana since 1986. A Certified Palmer/Pletsch Educator, she has been guided and inspired by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto over the past ten years. She has young-adult daughters, Mairin and Charlotte. She loves living in the Lower Rattlesnake neighborhood of Missoula, with her husband, Fred Rice, and a dog named Tailor.

Arlo Smytheman


Arlo is the Confident Stitch’s Inventory Specialist and Social Media Coordinator. They grew up both in the UK and Wenatchee, Washington, where they formed a love for natural oddities and wildlife, and came to Montana in 2017 to attend MSU. 

They graduated with degrees in Conservation Biology/Ecology, and English Writing. A seasonal wildlife job is what originally brought him to Missoula, where he shares a small downtown apartment with their cat, bearded dragon, and jungle of houseplants. 

In a shift from the science world to the creative world, Arlo returned to sewing as a artistic medium when they began working with Confident Stitch in 2021. He likes to make one-of-a-kind clothing pieces for himself and loved ones, and spends their free time creating one-of-a-kind tattoos as another artistic outlet and business endeavor.

Maisie Gospodarek


Maisie is The Confident Stitch’s Shop Manager. Since starting work here in 2018, her sewing knowledge has expanded considerably. She is now the proud maker of two quilts, several garments, a few bags, and the odd (by every definition) pillowcase.

She has also discovered just how great it feels to respond to the question ‘I love that! Where’d you get it?’ with ‘I made it!’ 

Maisie, a born and raised Montanan, grew up with Yellowstone National Park on her left, National Forest on her right, and Bison everywhere in between! She moved to Missoula to obtain a degree in English Literature, with minors in Vocal Performance and Political Science, from The University of Montana. She currently lives in a teeny apartment with her wonderful (and adorable) roommate, Bea the cat.

Carly Prentice


Carly is a sales associate at the Confident Stitch. She was raised in Corvallis, Montana and moved to Missoula in 2012 to attend the University of Montana. She graduated in 2016 with a BFA in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Printmaking, and minors in Art History and Media Arts. 

After college an interest in the fiber arts drove Carly to teach herself how to sew on a whim. Since then she has discovered a love for quilting, and has been a contributor to a quilting blog. She also occasionally dabbles in garment sewing, but her true passion lies in making unconventional quilted art pieces. 

When she isn’t sewing, Carly enjoys hiking, tending to her collection of houseplants, and snuggling with her cat, Athena.

We love our community

Every year, the Confident Stitch organizes local service projects to help those in need, and every year we are amazed by our community’s willingness to show up and donate their sewing skills!

Past projects include-

  • Working with St. Patrick Hospital and the Poverello center to sew insulating sleeping bags out of unused surgical wraps for those experiencing homelessness.
  • Sewing cotton beanies and headbands for those undergoing chemotherapy at St. Patrick Hospital.
  • Coordinating with the YWCA to sew pillowcases and drawstring canvas bags for mothers and children seeking shelter.
  • Partnering with Days for Girls to sew reusable menstrual liners and transport bags to help end period poverty.
  • Sewing drawstring backpacks for refugees seeking support at Soft Landing Missoula.

Though we organized these projects, their success has been entirely due to our amazing community of sewing volunteers. To learn more about how you can get involved, sign up for our newsletter and give us a shout at info@theconfidentstitch.com

We offer a special 30% discount to makers buying whole bolts of fabric for business! If you’re a local who’s trying to get their handmade shirt, bag, quilt, dog bandana, etc. business off the ground, let us know! We love small businesses and want yours to thrive.

Part of empowering our customers to sew means offering them the opportunity to give it a try!

  • Sewcialist Union – Every Thursday from 5 to 7pm we host an ‘open sew’ club called Sewcialist Union that’s all about learning and making. Stop by to get a little hands-on help with a project, and use our classroom space & tools!
  • Historical Hand-Sewing Club – On the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 4 to 6pm we host Historical Hand-Sewing Club! This monthly meeting is a chance for members to come and work on hand sewing projects of any kind, swap techniques & patterns, and share the progress they’ve made.
  • Classes – We love to collaborate with local teachers to put on a myriad of interesting quilting and sewing classes. Check our calendar to see what’s coming up!

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