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Cashmerette Webster Top & Dress Pattern

  Picture this: It’s a spring day. You’re strutting down a city street. The trees [Read More]


Ipswich Swimsuit Part 4: Leg Openings and Straps

I’m back again with an Ipswich Swimsuit!  I feel as though my main contribution to [Read More]

Ipswich Swimsuit Part 3: Starting Construction

Welcome to Part 3 of my Ipswich Swimsuit adventure! Today on the blog I’ll show [Read More]

Angela Wolf Linda Tunic

The history of the tunic is almost as old as the concept of wearing clothing. [Read More]


Ipswich Swimsuit Part 1: Gathering Materials

A few months ago, some gorgeous designer swim fabrics came across our radar, and because [Read More]

Oliver + S Cartwheel Wrap Dress

I’m not a particularly religious person. Suffice it to say, my favorite thing about church [Read More]

Jalie 3907 Alex Half-Zip Pullover

Ah the pullover. Fashion’s cozy gift to us all. Though not traditionally categorized as a [Read More]


Double Struck Star, Part 3

It’s Jennifer Ball, back again! If you’re following along with this miniseries on the Double [Read More]

Double Struck Star Quilt, Part 2

In my last post I talked about starting a new modern quilt called Double Struck [Read More]

Double Struck Star Quilt, Part 1

Happy Worldwide Quilting Day! In honor of all you amazingly talented and creative quilters out [Read More]